Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Energetic Body Circulation

In the Western Medicinal system, there is the concept of the body as an elevator or a weather system in constant motion. The Four Humors of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, interact with the active temperaments of Hot and Cold, and the passive temperaments of Dry and Moist. The goal is to align the body into the fifth state of temperate health.

The two core principles which apply to the movement of the energy within the body
  • As Within So Without
  • As Above so Below

Many remedies for health take advantage of the body circulatory energetics.
For instance therapy for headaches will consist of applying a cooling solution to the feet. The principle - pain is perceived as hot. Cold is the opposite of hot. In this case, the pain(hot) becomes tempered as circulation occurs from the head into the lower extremities.
Another recommendation using body circulation:
Sprinkle powdered ginger or other warming botanicals into your socks to warm your body. Try this first at home to check that you do not suffer any painful results. If pain results, wash your feet to dilute and remove the powdered ginger.

The author writes this from experience, having suffered a burn using thyme on the skin. Everyone is an individual and reacts to botanicals differently.
Some books blithely recommend using hot peppers on feet to warm the body. Have they even tried this dangerous practice, or is this recommendation an example of copy and paste? Why burn your feet to heat your body?

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