Thursday, February 2, 2017

Investigate Botanical Power -- Let Food Be Your Medicine

Investigate Botanical Power - Let Food Be Your Medicine
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Discover the correlation between Western Humoral Theory and antibiotic plant power.
How does the forgotten wisdom of the Five Temperaments aid vibrant health, longevity and reproductive success? Investigate balancing foods in the diet to preserve body temperature, conserve strength, and restore well-being.

Contains practical knowledge on how to include the described 50+ medicinal plants. There are recipes to add the health benefits of medicated teas, oils, vinegar, and wines into your daily life. Includes general directions on how to create personalized formulae. This book has an exhaustive bibliography and glossary.

There are answers to questions such as: What spices contain strong antibiotic actions? Which plants are anti-inflammatory? Use kitchen herbs to support brain function? What herbs improve circulation? What botanicals to use for respiratory problems? What spices aid digestive health? What botanicals help to heal wounds? What are anti-carcinogenic plants? What are anti-diabetic herbs? What botanicals help with cholesterol? What herbs support eyesight? What botanicals help ease headaches and migraines? What plants promote lymphatic health? Why is terroir important? What does temper mean in Humoral therapy? What is the difference between white or red wine for a therapeutic medicinal drink? How to make Mulsum? How to make Posca? What is Oxymel? What is Oenomel? What are synergistic botanicals? What are diffusive herbs? Which bioabsorbant plants purify water? What herbs to use for sperm health? What is the modern equivalent of one eggshell measurement? Which botanicals strengthen bones? What does bechick mean? What is milkvetch? Read Saint Hildegarde of Bingen's advice about using parsley in wine with honey for heart, and spleen health. Follow the maxim -- Let Food Be Thy Medicine.